Pixel 7 Preferred Network Type Missing, How to Fix?

Google Pixel 7 preferred network type missing

Software updates are exciting, but not every time. You expect them to bring new features, improvements, and bug fixes. But, they might also bring new issues to your device. Something similar has happened with some Pixel 7 owners. After installing a recent update, the device is missing the preferred network type. As reported by users, the option to select the preferred network type 5G or 4G (LTE) is missing on the device.

They say the option to enable/disable 2G is there, but no more for 4G and 5G. If you can’t enable or disable 5G/4G, fret not. There are some nifty ways to switch network types on your device, which I’ll be covering in this guide. Apply those solutions to fix the Pixel 7 preferred network type missing issue.

Fix: Pixel 7 Preferred Network Type Missing Issue

If you can’t change the preferred network type on your Google Pixel, these solutions will help.

1. Update Your Phone

If the issue has surfaced after a recent update, probably that’s because of a software bug. Since many users have complained about this, Google developers might be already working on it. A fix for this issue should arrive in the form of a software update.

You should therefore update your Google Pixel 7 to check if the latest update includes a fix for the preferred network type missing issue.

To update your Pixel, go to Settings -> System -> System Update and install the pending update (if there’s any).

2. Reset Network Settings

If you still can’t change your Pixel’s preferred network type, there might be an issue with the network settings. You can try performing a network reset. It will erase all saved Wi-Fi passwords, paired Bluetooth devices, and restore all network settings to default.

To reset your Pixel 7, go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. After doing the network reset, restart your Pixel and check if the problem is resolved.

3. Use USSD Code

If the Settings app is not letting you set the preferred network type, there are other ways too. You can use a USSD code to get your favorite network type.

Open your phone dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#*. After running the USSD code, select Phone Information and then select Set preferred network type. Select the network type of your choice.

That’s how you can easily set your preferred network type on Google Pixel 7. In fact, the solutions I have mentioned above work on any Google Pixel.

Wrapping It Up

Although the default network type works well, there may be times when you want to stick to a particular network type. If you can’t change it via the Settings app, you can easily do this using your phone dialer. You wouldn’t want to run the USSD code every time you want to change the network. For a permanent fix, try updating your phone or doing a factory reset.

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